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Purpose of Establishment
Suh & Cos Air and Space Law Institute was established on 28 June 2008 to provide key research into this developing area of Korean law. The Space Law Institute is focused on building upon Suh & Cos longstanding experience in this field (summarized below) and is committed to the task of transforming our already outstanding capabilities in air crash accident and aircraft product liability cases into the leading authority on air and space law in Korea. The Space Law Institute aims to accomplish this task by combining the efforts of our own professionals with industry-leading experts in Korea and around the world.

Practice and Experience
-Managing aircraft deficiency cases, including investigatory aspects of aviation product liability actions;
-Prosecuting aviation product liability claims against Boeing in relation to the accident of KAL 801 in Guam;
-Reviewing and advising cargo purchase agreements for air transporters;
-Counseling clients on the Regulation of Aviation Law in Korea;
-Prosecuting administrative action against KAL arising out of an accident in Shanghai;
-Defending helicopter operator in a complex personal injury suit;
-Representing surviving families of airplane accidents, including Air China flight 129 which crashed at Kimhae International Airport and PMT Air flight 241 which crashed while en route to Sihanoukville, Cambodia; and
-Advising on noise and vibration caused by various aircraft.

Contact Information
Tel: (82) 2-755-0199
Fax: (82) 2-757-0252
Email: lawsuh@sucho.com